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    Spare Hitch Cover- Sku HS7010

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    Spare Hitch Pins- Sku HS7020

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    Toyota Tacoma Hitch Pins- HS7021T

The 2005-current Toyota Tacoma's and 2007-current Tundra's have an extra band of metal wrapped around the receiver that require longer bolts.
These longer bolts also work on the 2.5" receivers with adaptor insert. 


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hitch accessory
    Thicker Foam Seals- HS7030
    hitch accessories
    Spare Combination Drawer - Prior to 2012- HS7040
SKU - HS7040 Old version of drawer

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How do I know if I have old drawer?

See images below, click on to enlarge.  Old style drawer is B in the below photos
1st image-  There is a seam for the old version where the extruded tube used to be connected to the flange.
2nd photo-
    B2 in the 4 corners is how the flange used to be connected to the tube.
    B1- The sliding bar was further back
    B3- If the date is less than 2011 on the back wall, you have the old version

hitch accessory
  Hitch Accessories    Hitch Accessories
New drawer version as of 08-2011- HS7041

The newest revision of the HitchSafe (launched August 1, 2011) requires a different drawer style and the prior drawer is not compatible with this system. To know if you have the new style of HitchSafe:
See above photos and photo to the right:

1. The drawer itself is different with each corner having an angle notch out of it

2. First image above "A" new version has two rivets on each side to secure flange to extruded vault.

3. Inside the Vault portion of the HitchSafe above the spring on the back wall (A3) will have the following version code  with 2011 or newer being the new version HS7041

4. A1- The bolt release flat bars will be flush with opening

5. A2- There will be no screws on each corner and they will be flush with the opening as well.

Click Here for a Press Release for more information.


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    Button Lamp for Inside Hitch Cover


  ....... This accessory is not manufactured by HitchSafe. The Button Lamp was introduced to us by an enthusiastic user of the HitchSafe who discovered it worked well for him when using the HitchSafe at night! It simply sticks inside the cavity of the cover and is ready to shine a light on things with a push of a button!

It can be purchased on Amazon
    HitchSafe Counter Display
Guaranteed to get an enthusiastic response from your customers as they interact with our HitchSafe demo. Great add-on sale generator.
Requires proof of purchase of HitchSafes for resell (we are selling this unit at our cost).
Comes with brochures.

Prices include shipping

Display only     $19.95

Display with HitchSafe    $47.95

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    HitchSafe Metal Clip Strip
Great for impulse purchase locations such as close to the key machine, near the hitch receivers/covers, etc.

Requires proof of purchase of HitchSafes for resell.

hitch accesories
Combination Key Cabinet- Why use keys to access keys? The Combi-Cam- Combination cabinet cam lock
ShurLok Key Storage- Never be locked out again! KeyGuard Lockboxes-  Punch button lock box. Use numbers or letters
Combi-Bolt- Standard draw bolt with an innovative twist! Combi-Ratchet - Worlds only combination sliding glass door lock!
Combi-Ratchet-  Worlds only combination sliding door lock! Padlockable Cam Locks-  Cam locks with flexibility of padlocks

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