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Ford Truck Accessory


    Using      Installing HitchSafe      Setting Combination Drawer
    Simple Installation of the HitchSafe into the Receiver
  1. Insert just the HitchSafe Body
(1) with the foam spacers
(2) into the receiver

(Note on the body the white print "This Side Up").

Ford Truck Accessory

Ford Truck Accessory
2. Pull out the pin retaining bar (4) to its fullest extent

Ford Truck Accessory
Ford truck accessory
  3. Line up the Hitch Pin holes (3) on the receiver with those on the HitchSafe. You may have to remove one or more of the foam
spacers (2).

- Approx 75% of hitches will require one spacer.
- Approx 20% will require 2 or 3 spacers.
- Less than 5% will have a 1/4" gap after using all 3 spacers.

ford truck accessories

ford truck accessories
4. Insert the Hitch Pin (5) with the foam seal into the Hitch Pin Holes

ford truck accessories

Ford truck accessories
  5. While holding the Hitch Pin in push in the pin retaining bar to capture the Hitch Pin.

truck accessories

truck accessories


6. Insert the combination drawer

  7. Push in the spring loaded drawer in until it clicks and the catch release will pop upwards.

ford truck accessory
ford truck accessory
8. Scramble the dials
Notes on combination drawer:

- The drawer must be on the opening combination (the one you set it
to) prior to inserting it into HitchSafe body. Otherwise it will not
allow you to fully close the drawer.

- See "Setting Combination Drawer" for more info.

Ford Accessories
  9. Place the top part of dustcover (1) so hooks at top inside of hitch cover hook over and on top of HitchSafe flange in the corresponding slots (Note on the Bottom of Cover "This Side Down").

truck accessories
10. Push inward on the bottom of the cover until the the cover releases snap into place on the bottom side of the HitchSafe flange.

F150 Accessories
  11. Enjoy the Peace of Mind, Convenience and Security of the HitchSafe!

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