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2007 Award
Best Aftermarket Hitch Accessory Award
October 30, 2006

The HitchSafe is an amazingly good solution to the problem that many of us have had at one time or another: losing our car keys. Normally you’d hide a spare key on the automobile somewhere with a magnetic key holder, but if you hit one good bump you’ve lost your key, and you probably won’t notice until you really need it. You could give an extra key to your significant other, but what if they’re 5 states away on the one weekend that you lock yourself out of your car (that actually happened to me, the one time I’ve ever locked myself out!) If you drive a pickup truck with a trailer hitch built-in, you’re in luck. HitchSafe uses that already hardened, hardly used metal cylinder to your advantage and lets you lock your keys or other valuables in it, easily accessible with a 4 digit code. It even comes with a cover so you don’t draw any undue attention to your hitch and so that the combination lock stays clean. The HitchSafe even has enough clearance for 2 credit cards.

Truck Universe on Speed Channel
November 2006

I wish I had thought of that!
Matt Steele Host of Truck Universe on Speed Channel
February 28 2007

You never know when you might just need a little bit of extra cash, which is why it would be wise to invest in the HitchSafe. This ingenious device enables you to slide it into any standard 2" hitch, giving you a secure place to stash away spare keys, additional dough and emergency credit cards, as well as a bunch of diamonds. The Hitch Safe comes with a design that vastly improves upon those small magnetic storage boxes, being held in place by a couple of bolt restraining bars within the box.

AAA magazine (Texas)
March/April 2007

Looking for a secure place to stash a spare key -- or even your driver's license, cash or a credit card -- while you're jogging, swimming or hitting the gym? The HitchSafe ( fits descreetly into your vehicle's two-inch receiver. It mounts securely, features a four-digit combination lock and comes with a dust cover to disguise it. -- Sue Elliot-Sink


Hate having to stress out about someone breaking into your truck when you're out in the line-up? The HitchSafe slides right into your current 2" Hitch Receiver on your Truck, SUV or Van and is secured inside the Receiver Hitch via two bolt retaining bars inside the HitchSafe. The Hitch Receiver itself is a solid steel vault that combined with the HitchSafe provides the most secure location on your vehicle to store spare keys, credit cards, cash and driver's license!!

To access your keys you simply lift off the Rubber dust cover (made to look like any normal Hitch Cover), enter in your personal 4 number dial combination, which then releases the drawer and allows access to your keys.

This solution is far superior to the magnetic key holders that eventually fall off (they are never there when you need them!). If your magnetic Hide-A-Key has not joined the millions of them laying on the side of the road, you then have an open invitation for someone to steal your car because everyone knows where they are hidden! The HitchSafe is contained within the solid steel structure of the Hitch Receiver via a combination where only you can access your keys when needed.

Horse Illustrated
February 2007

Solve the hassles of carrying keys and other small items around the barn by using the HitchSafe Key Vault. the key vault is secured with 2 hitch pins inside the receiver via two sliding bolts. Dial your combination to open the spring-loaded drawer and access your belongings.
November 2006

Have you ever been on a fishing trip, hunting trip, scout camp or somewhere else where you need to safely store your keys, billfold, credit cards or what-have-you? If you leave them in the vehicle, you risk the change of someone breaking in.
Now there's a new idea -- the HitchSafe.
HitchSafe is a spring-loaded drawer that is hidden inside your hitch receiver. I is secured by two heavy duty hitch pins and two sliding metal bolts, all secured by on of 10,000 possible combinations. No need to hassle with carrying something with you that might get lost easily.


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